Rumour has it Sex comedy finds it hard to rope in distributor

A much talked about sex comedy featuring one of the biggest names in the adult film industry who made her foray into Hindi films has been long in the making. In fact while the film has been ready for a while now, we hear that the makers have been facing a hard time finding a distributor for the film.

Apparently, the film, which initially faced objection from the central board of film certification for its high sexual content has become a sort of liability for its makers since, despite creating enough hype, and enticing the audience, no distributor is ready to acquire it. Apart from this, we also hear that the makers of the film have been going hammer and tongs trying to rope in a distributor and are running pillar to post showing the film, or rather rushes of the film to various parties hoping to generate enough interest in the film. However, another factor we hear that has been keeping distributors away is the high price of approximately Rs. 25 crores, being quoted by the makers. While a few distributors are ready to acquire the film for Rs. 18 cr, the makers have remained adamant.

With this decision coming down to a battle of principals, the makers of the film are faced with two options, to either accept the Rs. 18 cr price tag and release the film on the date allotted, or to continue their crusade at the designated Rs. 25 cr amount and push the release to next year.

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Rumour has it Sex comedy finds it hard to rope in distributor

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