Rumours have it

Earlier last month, we witnessed the release of a much talked about film featuring a onetime top model-turned-actress making her comeback in films. Well, while the film all but enticed the audience to flock the theatres, we hear that the lead actress has been left in the lurch when it came to her remuneration. In fact, while the actress’ normal fee for a film is close to Rs. 4 crores, she was paid less than half the amount, Rs. 1 cr to be precise and that too as a signing amount, after which, due to lack of funds and the film’s underperformance at the box-office, the rest of the dues were withheld.

Due to this, non-payment of dues, we hear that the actress put her foot down stating that she would not promote the film, while her family members, who have a massive fan following on social networking sites backed her decision and refrained from promoting the film on their respective social handles. On the other hand, to soothe matters down, the director of the film as well as its co-producers decided on adding her name as a producer of the film in the last week before it released.

With this addition as a producing partner, the actress would stand to earn a share of profits from the film’s success. However, with the film underperforming at the box office, we wonder what ‘profits’ exactly she earned! If that wasn’t enough, the director of the film further convinced the actress and her family that they could expect more revenue generated once the film is available for DTH, video on demand services and paid previews…

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Rumours have it

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