Saala removed from Madhavans bhasha

Hindi-Tamil star-actor Madhavan is in a quandary. The word ‘saala’ is proving to be his biggest enemy.

Since it was a liberal part of Madhavan’s dialogues in Aanand Rai’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns and since it has come to the film’s unit’s notice that the censor board has been clamping down on the ‘S’ word, Maddy decided to remove the word and replace it before submitting the film for censor certification.

“Better that we do it now than to wait to be asked by the censors and then have to go through the delay of re-dubbing the word wherever it occurs,” reasons Maddy and wonders why there should be a moral outcry about such a commonly-used word.

“Saala is used in everyday conversations. Even I use it. What is the big deal?” says Maddy.

Incidentally his next release where he plays a boxer on the downswing is titled Saala Khadoos. “Luckily we got the word passed in the trailer. So we are home and safe,” sighs Maddy.

However a source from the CBFC says Madhavan has no reason to feel ‘safe’, “We don’t know when the trailer was passed. But a title like Saala Kadoos is against the censor guidelines,” says the CBFC source.

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Saala removed from Madhavans bhasha

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