Salim Khan wanted Salman Khan to become a cricketer

Salman Khan is one of the biggest stars in the country. Over the years, people have loved Salman Khan and we can see immense love during his movie releases. But, could you imagine Salman Khan, not as an actor?

Recently, Salman Khan revealed that his father Salim Khan wanted him to play cricket instead of getting in the acting field. Salman’s father had hired former Indian cricketer Salim Durani as his coach. He said that it could have easily worked out for him but he couldn’t see himself waking up every day at 5:30 in the morning.

Salman Khan had begun his training under Salim Durani. The former cricketer was impressed with Salman. Within two days, Salman had impressed Salim Durani. On the second day when the coach saw him perform well, he had invited Salim Khan to watch him play on the third day. When Salman heard about his father coming to watch him play, he decided to intentionally play bad on that day.

While this story is very interesting, we wonder how Salman Khan would have done as a cricketer. Meanwhile, Salman Khan is having a great time with the success of his recent film Sultan that has broken several box office records till now.

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Salim Khan wanted Salman Khan to become a cricketer

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