Salman Khan to go dangerously from beefy to lean

Is Salman Khan taking a risk with his health? After his neuro-surgery in 2011 doctors had earlier warned Salman against tampering with his metabolism. In fact Salman had been warned not to perform any action scenes. All of Salman’s stunts in Dabangg, Dabangg 2 and Kick were performed by body doubles.

But now in his next film Sultan, Salman won’t only do all the dangerous wrestling scenes himself he would also be taking his physique to three different phases in quick succession.

Says a source, “Salman has already gone through the bulky phase. He will get rid of all the extra flesh for the lean look in the next one month, which is phase 2 in his character Sultan’s life. Then Salman will go to Phase 3 for the muscular look. Post his neurological condition these swift changes in his metabolism are not advised. But this time Salman is determined to make his character as authentic as possible.”

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Salman Khan to go dangerously from beefy to lean

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