Salman Khan will bring in his birthday in Panvel

There will be no extra celebrations on December 27 when Salman Khan turns 50 for the golden jubilee year and for the fact that Salman has now finally been acquitted from all charges in the hit-and-run case.

According to those close to actor he has strictly forbidden any shor-sharaaba to make this birthday extra-special.

Says a close friend of the actor. “We’ll all be heading to Salman’s farm house in Panvel (outskirts of Mumbai) for Salman’s birthday on December 27 and then we’ll stay on to bring in the New Year. There will be no extra celebration.”

Apparently the family does not wish to attract extra attention with celebrations as there are a lot of adverse reactions over the court’s verdict in Salman’s favour in the hit-and-run case.

“The family has been advised to keep a low profile for a while,” says a source in the know.

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Salman Khan will bring in his birthday in Panvel

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