Sanjay Gupta Vinod Bachchans financial dispute turns into legal battle

What started off as a blame game between a filmmaker and a producer has taken an ugly turn. Miffed with the constant allegations thrown towards him, Sanjay Gupta has now turned his financial dispute with producer Vinod Bachchan over a shelved project, into a legal battle by moving the Bombay High Court. The director has challenged the non-cooperation directive issued against him due to a complaint filed by Vinod Bachchan at the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

It happened so that producer Vinod Bachchan and director Sanjay Gupta were to join hands for a project starring Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani apparently titled Midnight Hero. According to Vinod, Sanjay had narrated the script of this film to him and they had decided to rope in these stars for the same. However, after Abhishek’s refusal, Sanjay had proposed the idea of them working together for Mumbai Saga. Soon, the filmmaker had decided to concentrate on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s comeback vehicle Jazbaa, leaving Mumbai Saga on hold and Vinod claimed that Sanjay had suggested them to work together for Jazbaa. Further adding that the token amount given by Vinod to Sanjay over the script he narrated was actually used by the filmmaker in Jazbaa, Vinod sent a legal notice and filed a complaint at the FWICE asking to return the token amount to him.

Appreciating their support, Vinod mentioned that he has all the evidences with him and also accused Sanjay of not attending the sessions at the FWICE when they summoned him.

Sanjay Gupta, on the other hand, has sued producer Vinod Bachchan for Rs. 4.5 crores and has accused him of defamation and extortion. The filmmaker has filed a case against the producer on the same at Versova Police Station. Mentioning that he is not fighting this case for himself but on behalf of all directors who have been wronged by scheming producers, Sanjay added that the directors’ association is in full support of his decision. He further even claimed that he has been getting threat calls over continuing with the shoot of Jazbaa.

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Sanjay Gupta Vinod Bachchans financial dispute turns into legal battle

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