SC tells Govinda to apologize to his fan for slapping him in 2008

Film stars’ getting into a public brawl is nothing new. There have been many instances of the same. Readers may recall the infamous slapping incident that had taken place in the year 2008, wherein actor Govinda had publically slapped a fan on the sets of Money Hai Toh Honey Hai. When asked the reason, Govinda then replied that the reason for him to slap the guy was because he was getting too close to the girls (on the sets) and that took a stand against it (by slapping him).

Yesterday, the Supreme Court observed that any film star should not indulge in fighting in a public place. That’s why the Supreme Court directed actor Govinda to apologize to his fan. The bench (which was headed by Justice T S Thakur) saw the incident’s video clips in an open court and objected to Govinda’s behavior. Justice T S Thakur also said that Govinda is a public figure and that he should not have had indulged in such activities. The bench also added that what he (Govinda) does in reel life need not be done in real life. The court then instructed Govinda to settle the issue outside court by expressing regret on his behavior and conduct.

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SC tells Govinda to apologize to his fan for slapping him in 2008

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