Scoop Anil Kapoor to dub for Family Guy

Along with Irrfan Khan, Anil Kapoor continues to be one of Indian cinema’s two biggest brand ambassadors in Hollywood. After doing the uproariously successful Slumdog Millionaire and the serial 24 (in America and its desi remake) Anil is all set to cover himself with more glory.

Next week Anil flies to Los Angeles to dub for one of the characters in the very successful and the supremely politically incorrect adult animation serial Family Guy as a guest star.

While Anil is reluctant to reveal details of what character he would be dubbing for, he does admit that doing a voice for Family Guy is something that has given him an elevated status in the Kapoor khandaan. “My children are crazy about the show. They can’t believe I am doing a voice in Family Guy.”

Some of the biggest stars of Hollywood like Brad Pitt have done guest voices on the show.

Says Anil, “My character will appear with the show’s famous Griffin family. It is a new experience for me. And you know how much I like going into new experiences.”

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Scoop Anil Kapoor to dub for Family Guy

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