Shabana Azmi to sing for Aparna Sens Sonata

While it is not new for a veteran like Shabana Azmi to follow the path of unconventional and parallel cinema, the actress has decided to go out-of-the-box yet again for Aparna Sen’s Sonata. Shabana will be singing two Rabindranath Tagore classics for the upcoming film.

Shabana Azmi will be reviving the songs ‘Aaji jharer raate’ and ‘Sokhi andhare’ for the film. Revealing that she was terrified about it, she was all praises for her hubby and renowned poet and writer Javed Akhtar as well as her friend and filmmaker Aparna Sen whom she fondly addresses as Rina for encouraging her to sing. In fact, Shabana also expressed her gratitude towards her coach Sharoni Sen who helped her get the nuances right whilst singing the classics. Also mentioning about the role she plays in Sonata, the actress added that her character Dolon is funny, warm, demonstrative and volatile.

Based on Mahesh Eklunchwar’s play Sonata, the English film also stars Aparna Sen, Sohag Sen, Lillette Dubey among others.

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Shabana Azmi to sing for Aparna Sens Sonata

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