Shah Rukh Khans Fan gets 7 cuts by censors

Police brutality is not for the weak-hearted. If you’ve seen the Tamil masterpiece Visaranai, every slap and blow showered by the police during interrogation makes you flinch in horror disgust and disbelief.

So far Shah Rukh Khan’s films have been magically cleansed of violence. That’s about to change. Shah Rukh Khan’s new release Fan which opens on April 15 features a scene of prolonged police brutality. It shows the obsessive star stalker (Shah Rukh Khan) being thrashed in lock-up while the star (Shah Rukh Khan) urges the cops to beat the stalker.

Says a source, “The scene of prolonged violence in lock-up where one Shah Rukh Khan urges the cops to beat up the other Shah Rukh was found to be unnecessarily prolonged. The censor board has asked the sequence to be reduced by 50 percent.”

Besides the visual cut the censor board has asked for 6 verbal cuts. Cuss words and abuses in both Hindi and English have been asked to be deleted.

Fan has been passed with a ‘UA’ certificate. That means Shah Rukh Khan’s younger fans can only watch the film when accompanied by an adult.


Shah Rukh Khans Fan gets 7 cuts by censors

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