Shahid Kapoor – Ahmed Khans bachpan ki dosti torn apart by Tiger Shroff

Shahid Kapoor’s childhood Ahmed Khan is not attending Shahid’s wedding. Choreographer Ahmed Khan and actor Shahid Kapoor have had a fall-out. And the reason is Tiger Shroff.

Apparently Shahid, a possessive pal, if ever there was one, did not take kindly to Ahmed Khan’s exuberant and insistent endorsement of Tiger’s dancing abilities. Things came to a point where Ahmed was asked to choose choreographic assignments between Shahid and Tiger.

Says a source in the know, “Ahmed and Shahid have known each other from childhood. They are very close to one another. And Shahid is rightly possessive about his buddy. Earlier, they had differences when Ahmed would choose Ranbir Kapoor’s songs for choreography over Shahid’s. Now it’s happening with Tiger. Shahid is excessively sentimental about people close to him. He has taken Ahmed’s professional interest in Tiger personally.”

When contacted, Ahmed admitted there were some problems with Shahid. “We did have some differences of opinion. Yes, Shahid is very possessive about me. And this is not the first time we’ve disagreed on an issue. When two people are as close to one another as Shahid and I, there is bound to be disagreements. However, this doesn’t mean we are no longer friends. We care for one another deeply. More than me, my wife and kids are close to Shahid.”

Ahmed says he will celebrate Shahid’s wedding privately. “Shahid and his bride Mira and my family are planning a celebration. Shahid’s shaadi is a very big event in my life.”

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Shahid Kapoor – Ahmed Khans bachpan ki dosti torn apart by Tiger Shroff

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