Shiv Sena announces Rs 1 lakh award for slapping Aamir Khan

In the times gone by, one has heard about being ‘rewarded handsomely’ for giving information about a terrorist or a dreaded thief and many like cases. Rarely has anyone come across a ‘reward’ of slapping a well-known actor. And the reward is nothing less than Rs. 1 lakh per slap. The Punjab unit of the Shiv Sena has now announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh per slap for anyone who slaps Aamir Khan in lieu of his recent remarks of ‘intolerance’.

The said announcement was made while Shiv Sena was protesting outside the MBD Radisson Blu hotel in Ludhiana where Aamir is presently staying. Reports also state that amidst the protest, the Shiv Sena workers allegedly used derogatory language against Aamir Khan and burnt his photographs. Speaking about the ‘award’, Rajeev Tandon (Punjab Chairman- Shiv Sena) said that Shiv Sena will award Rs 1 lakh per slap to anyone who slaps Aamir Khan. He added that they will be giving this (slapping) opportunity to the hotel’s manager, its employees and also to the team of Dangal to slap Aamir and get rewarded.

Meanwhile, Rupinder Kaur Sran (ACP- Ludhiana west), said a ‘Quick Response Team’ that consisted of 15 policemen and police force from Sarabha Nagar police station have been patrolling near the hotel in order to keep total tab on the situation. On the other hand, Manav Inder Singh Guram (MBD Group’s Manager- Marketing & Communications) said that they have complete coordination with the police about the prevalent situation. The employees of the hotel have been told to remain totally alert so as to avoid any kind of doubtful individual/s near Aamir’s room.

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Shiv Sena announces Rs 1 lakh award for slapping Aamir Khan

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