Sidharth Malhotra retorts to Kamaal R Khan for tweet on Alia Bhatt

The recent cover of the lifestyle magazine Vogue attracted eyeballs, after the sizzling chemistry as well as the beachy avatar of the Gen Y couple Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt went viral on the web. However, Kamaal R Khan’s tweet on Alia Bhatt seems to have rubbed off Sidharth Malhotra the wrong way.

Kamaal R Khan, who has now deleted the tweet, had then taken to the micro blogging site to cite his opinion the magazine cover saying, ‘Alia looks so Bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it’. However, Sidharth Malhotra who was miffed with this comment decided to voice his support for Alia Bhatt by responding to Kamaal’s tweet, saying, “Sir ! We also try very hard to tell u to shut up but u keep tweeting ! @kamaalrkhan”. Kamaal R Khan obviously did not take that comment lightly and went on to talk about the acting skills of his Ek Villain co-star Sidharth saying, “Sir Ji @S1dharthM 130Cr ppl of India also try very hard to tell you to stop acting but you keep doing films to harass them.” To that, Sidharth retorted, “I think u need English reading classes sir!, as u didn’t read and understand my previous tweet !”

From there started yet another series of tweets coming from KRK, who obviously was in no mood to take this Twitter war lightly and he further added a series of tweets saying, “HAHAHAHAHA! Ok I will come to learn from you soon because you @S1dharthM are educated from Delhi idea institute. Sidhart thinks Alia is looking hot n I thought she is not looking hot. Nothing bad I said. This is for all idiots who r commenting foolishly.” Talking about his previous tweets on actresses, KRK said, “Sonakshi got angry Coz I called her sexy. Vidya B. got angry Coz I called her Buddhi n Alia got angry Coz I called her Bacchi. Sahi Kya hai?”

Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra will now be seen together in Kapoor & Sons and Kamaal R Khan who allegedly claims to review films honestly, however decided to review the film even before its release saying, “I give 5* to #KapoorAndSons in advance Coz if I will give honest review then people will say that I am giving negative review purposely. All the People must go to watch #KapoorAndSons because it’s a brilliant film by Alia n Sidharth n I give 5* to this film in advance.”

However, after a couple of tweets, Sidharth Malhotra chose to remain silent and hasn’t replied to any of these comments directed towards him or Alia or the film.

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Sidharth Malhotra retorts to Kamaal R Khan for tweet on Alia Bhatt

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