Sonakshi Sinha to attempt entry into Guinness book of records

Women’s Day is approaching and most actresses in the industry are set on supporting social cause close to them. However, Sonakshi Sinha is attempting something altogether different. In fact this women’s day, Sonakshi will be part of a unique challenge where many girls will take part in attempting to enter the Guinness book for painting maximum finger nails in less time.

Commenting on the same Sonakshi says, “Absolutely, it is such an achievement to set a record and be featured in the Guinness books! There are so many categories and fields where records are broken every year and it makes for a really interesting read! A couple of my challenging moments till date have definitely been getting through fashion school and then jumping from that to being an actor and then learning mixed martial arts for Akira… It is physically and mentally challenging. But I am always up for a challenge!”

“I love challenges I am competitive in a good way , if I participate in something I like to be good at it and do well…I love to enjoy the process more than anything!” Though more than gung ho to partake of the challenge, Sonakshi will be there to support the initiative.

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Sonakshi Sinha to attempt entry into Guinness book of records

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