Sonam Kapoor to launch her own app

Our very own fashionista Sonam Kapoor is scheduled to make an announcement today. While everyone awaits it with eagerness, the news is that the announcement is not for a film but for an app. For the first time ever, a Bollywood actress launches her own app – Sonam Kapoor app.

The Sonam Kapoor App is the actress’ attempt to create a much deeper bond with her fans with whom she can interact on a much more personal basis. Several features like live streaming, exclusive content, fan chats, competitions, app merchandise, messaging and social media aggregation will be a part of it. Excited about this new venture, Sonam Kapoor added that now she can be in touch with her fans even during her busy shoot schedules.

In association with Disciple Media, the actress will make the announcement of her app today, on April 29.

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Sonam Kapoor to launch her own app

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