Sonam Kapoor wont sign any film after Neerja until shes sure

The raves for her career-defining performance in Ram Madhvani’s Neerja have just started pouring in. And Sonam Kapoor, who has so far been seen predominantly in the role of Bollywood’s foremost fashionista, is soaking in all the praise. As we speak, Tabu calls Sonam and goes into rapturous praise. She saw the film with Farah Khan. Both the ladies are red-eyed with weeping over the film.

When an actress of Tabu’s stature finds a fellow-actress’ performance worth her while then we know we are on to something special.

“It’s overwhelming. Of course I worked very hard to bring Neerja to life. But I wasn’t expecting this kind of reaction from people. I’ve never experienced this before,” says Sonam.

And Sonam hasn’t even begun to read the rave reviews yet! Nor is she looking ahead at getting awards. “I didn’t do Neerja for awards. I did it because I believed in the character. Now when my efforts are being acknowledged I am relieved and happy.”

She is in no hurry to cash in on the Neerja wave. “I haven’t signed any new film. I am not signing anything until I’m absolutely sure,” she signs off to attend to more praise from colleagues.

This lack of uncertainty about her career is prevalent among the new-age actors. Whether it is John Abraham, Katrina Kaif, Parineeti Chopra or Sonam Kapoor, they are okay with not being seen on screen for a year, or more.

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Sonam Kapoor wont sign any film after Neerja until shes sure

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