Subhash Ghai signs Vidya Balan as the face of Gurukul

After Kaanchi, Subhash Ghai may be away from producing films in Bollywood, but the ‘showman’ has been concentrating on other projects. While he is busy with his film school Whistling Woods, now he has fulfilled yet another dream by starting a meditation center titled Gurukul.

Moreover, Subhash Ghai has also got Vidya Balan on board to be the face of Gurukul. Stating that Vidya is the only ‘non-cosmetic actress’ in the industry, Ghai further mentioned about how the actress immediately gave a nod when he approached her and added, that she decided to be the face of it to learn more about meditation.

Elaborating on the concept of Gurukul, Ghai maintained that actors looking for peace and serenity can visit his meditation centre wherein they can relax and enjoy the benefits of nature instead opting for detox treatments abroad. Moreover, he also clarified that Gurukul will not promote any religion as it a concept solely resting on spirituality.

From what we hear, Vidya Balan and Subhash Ghai may also come together to start a classical music school in Gurukul. Ghai has expressed his desire to do so but hasn’t divulged any details on it.

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Subhash Ghai signs Vidya Balan as the face of Gurukul

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