The Age of too much Information

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These past couple of months we have witnessed a number of female Bollywood actors giving media interviews wherein they have laid bare their deepest, darkest secrets.

It started with Deepika Padukone talking about her battle with chronic depression. People were shocked to learn that a beautiful, young and successful film star could suffer from such a debilitating mental condition. Much media brouhaha surrounded Deepika’s brave and honest confession.

The usual dial-a-quote psychiatrists weighed in with their expert comments while some cynics carped that this was merely a ploy to garner publicity. “Watch this space,” sniped one social commentator, “I won’t be surprised if Deepika soon reveals that she is commercially endorsing some clinic or tablet to combat depression.” The young heroine has appeared in no such advertisement to date, and must be mightily disappointed that even her women’s empowerment video has faced a vitriolic backlash.

The moral majority is outraged at her insistence on sleeping with whoever she likes, be it man or woman, inside or outside of marriage. “Let Deepika have sex with whoever she wants, that’s her choice,” moaned a mother of two teenage girls, “but doesn’t she realise that she is corrupting young women who look up to her as a role model?”

Then the talented Kalki Koechlin, whose separation from husband Anurag Kashyap has been breathlessly reported by the media, revealed that, like her spouse, she too had been sexually molested as a child. While Kalki should be lauded for her courage on shining light on the malaise of

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