The most famous band formed the year you were born

The transportive nature of music is powerful, often helping listeners reminisce upon a fond memory or time period in their lives.

We have bands to thank for much of the modern music we recognize today. Unlike solo artists, multiple members contribute to a band and influence its sound with their different personalities. Take the calming, acoustic musings of Simon and Garfunkel, or the jaunty, wonder-filled tracks of The Beach Boys. No two bands are the same — they all bring their own unique style to the table.

Despite the nostalgia that songs of certain bands can create, most people usually don’t know what year the band was actually formed. Do you know the most famous band formed the year you were born? What about the year your first child was born? Or the year you graduated from high school?

PrettyFamous, an entertainment research site by Graphiq, found the most famous band formed each year since 1951. To do this, they created a customized Band Score on a scale of 1 to 100 based on a weighted average of a band’s Wikipedia page views in the last 30 days, page views of album releases and total number of Spotify followers.

The bands with the highest Band Score from each year were then ordered into a list starting in 1951 and continuing to 2015. It is important to note that since Wikipedia page views are current, all of these bands have stood the test of time, and remained famous many years after they were formed.

Note: Band formation dates are often arbitrary, as some dates account for different members entering and exiting the group. The formation data for this article is sourced from MusicBrainz, a large community of music enthusiasts with a mission to gather and organize music data from all over the world.

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The most famous band formed the year you were born

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