The truth about Nargis Fakhris departure

Everyone has a theory on why Nargis Fakhri suddenly left the country. Here’s the truth. Nargis just got tired of trying to be a Bollywood actress. Yes, she upped and left because she couldn’t cope with the demands of ‘Bollywood’.

Friends say they saw it coming. Her going, I mean. “It has nothing to do with Uday Chopra at all,” opines a male colleague who has worked with Nargis. “It has to do with her inability to fit into the Bollywood mould. She is not a coy eyelashes- fluttering bosom-heaving siren. She is more of a guys’ guy than a girl. She discusses her breasts and burps in the same breath. She is a misfit. She just got tired of being told to behave like a Bollywood diva.”

When in 2011 Nargis made her debut in Rockstar, she was clueless about what she was doing. Unlike Katrina that other firangi stunner in Bollywood, Nargis didn’t pretend to know what she was doing. She very honestly confessed to me that saying those lengthy dialogues was like doing a whole film in Chinese.

Not much had changed three years later when did item songs in the Shahid Kapoor starrer Phata Poster Nikla Hero and in the Salman starrer Kick.

She again honestly confessed to me that mastering those pelvic thrusts in the item songs were killing her. While fumbling to behave like a Bollywood queen Nargis also continued to say the most outrageous things in her interviews. Once she spoke without bashful stopovers, about her breasts. I pulled her up gently reminding her that Bollywood heroines don’t talk like that.

“Really?” she responded with genuine bewilderment. “I guess I still need to learn how to behave.”

To change herself, to conform, to become coy seems impossible for Nargis. She finally took a break and went back home to New York to be with her mother. Whether this break will last a month, as her spokesperson claims, or last for as long as Parveen Babi’s break lasted, remains to be seen.

But one thing is for sure. Nargis can never be the typical Bollywood diva. It’s too much of an effort for her.

Coy hai kya?

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The truth about Nargis Fakhris departure

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