These celebrities are moonlighting as DJs

Follow your dreams is a common adage, one that the world tells you to do as a child and then ironically, snubs as one gets older.

Like a lot of us, celebrities too share a number of interests and passions, and some go out of their way to pursue them zealously.

With the season of music festivals upon us, a lot of B-Town folk are trying out creative pursuits apart from acting.

AR Rahman will be performing at NH7 while Siddhant Kapoor will be mixing discs at Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival.

We take a look at actors who moonlight as DJs.

Other acts to look forward to

A.R Rahman for NH7: Our homegrown Grammy Award Winner Rahman needs no introduction. Performing for the very first time at NH7 in Pune, he has something crazy in store for his listeners and insists its something never done before.

Fatboy Slim for EVC: Norman Cook, better known as Fatboy Slim will be headlining the second day of the festival. The ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’ star who popularised the big beat genre in the 90’s will be visiting India after 3 years.

© Provided by MiD-DAYElijah Wood

The talented actor has been a DJ for quite a while now. For the last five years, Wood has been rocking the craft alongside Zach Cowie as the duo Wooden Wisdom. On his visit to India, he spun a couple of old-school Hindi tracks as well.

© Provided by MiD-DAYArjun Rampal

The actor owns a bar-lounge in Delhi, and seems to be a frequent visitor there too. There are days when Arjun can be seen behind the console, mixing music and playing out those tracks.

© Provided by MiD-DAYKristian Nairn

The much-loved Hodor from Game of Thrones has a side to him that might surprise you. He moonlights as a progressive house DJ. He has tasted success and performed alongside a number of powerful acts like Scissor Sisters.

© Provided by MiD-DAYMichelle Rodriguez

Known for her hardcore roles in movies like Fast and the Furious and Resident Evil, Michelle’s DJ’ing skills are on point.

The actress often takes to the DJ decks at private parties since a while now and rumour has it that she can spin the disc way better than a lot of other EDM jocks out there.

© Provided by MiD-DAYSiddhant Kapoor

Siddhant Kapoor is primarily a DJ and then an actor. While he began his career with Sanjay Gupta’s Shootout at Wadala and then played a significant role in Jazbaa as well, it was hard for him to let go of his first love and he still continues mixing it up, quite literally. He is also quite the professional having performed at several big ticket events previously as well. He is gearing up to perform at the Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival next if you’re keen to hear him.

© Provided by MiD-DAYShahid Kapoor

Talk about being a Jack-of-all-trades. Shahid Kapoor’s career has grown in the right direction. That’s probably the reason why he has the luxury of kicking back and dabbling in a number of creative interests and its not just dancing and acting that he’s good at. Another interest, which is largely hidden from the public eye is DJ’ing. In fact, he has a DJ console set up at his home and occasionally DJ’s for parties, albeit only for his close friends and family members.

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These celebrities are moonlighting as DJs

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