'Trisha Illana Nayanthara is this generation's boldest Tamil film'

Chennai: Actor-composer G.V. Prakash Kumar says his forthcoming Tamil romantic comedy ‘Trisha Illana Nayanthara’ will be the current generation’s boldest film in the language and that it is without any compromises.

“In every generation, there will be one film bolder than the rest of the crop. ‘Trisha Illanaa Nayanthara’, in my opinion, will be the boldest film of this generation. Since we knew it dealt with bold content from the beginning, we didn’t even mind when it was passed with ‘A’ certificate,” Prakash told Bollywood Country.

The film, which also stars Manisha Yadav and Anandi, releases in cinemas on Thursday.

Prakash calls ‘Trisha Illanaa Nayanthara’ a next-gen cult romance.

“It’s strictly targeted at younger audiences; typically college-goers. The reason we didn’t mind the adult certificate is because it’s a very important film. It is said the way it was originally intended to be, otherwise audiences will feel cheated. Take the remake of ‘Delhi Belly’ for instance,” he said.

Prakash admits that his film will open doors to bolder content in Tamil filmdom. But he feels these films should be made with the target audience in mind.

‘Trisha Illanaa Nayanthara’ is about the coming-of-age tale of Jiiva, from his school days, and his escapades with his virginity.

“I play a jilted lover. People ask me if it’s too early to play such a character in my career, but I feel I may not get an opportunity to experiment in the future. As you succeed and grow as an actor, it’s tough to experiment because a lot is at stake,” he added.

Unlike his debut film ‘Darling’ where he played a character with suicidal tendencies, he plays an energetic youngster in this film.

With ‘Trisha Illanaa Nayanthara’, Prakash feels he has taken his performance a notch higher.

“In ‘Darling’, my character had limitations in terms of portrayal. There wasn’t much I could do after a certain point. Here, I feel I’ve surpassed myself with the performance,” said Prakash, who has also danced without rehearsal to a chartbuster in this film.

“‘Bittu padam’ song was shot in three days. I never rehearsed for it. I learnt most of the steps on the sets from the dance choreographer and immediately shot it,” he said. (Bollywood Country Report)

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Releases This Week: ‘Katti Batti’, ‘MSG-2 The Messenger’, ‘Black Mass’ & ‘Trisha Illana Nayanthara’

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'Trisha Illana Nayanthara is this generation's boldest Tamil film'

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