Trishala Dutt slams stalker

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Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s 26-year-old daughter Trishala Dutt has shown her courageous side to the world by giving a good blow to her stalker.

Trishala posted the entire incident as an Instagram post and has been appreciated by everyone for giving such a befitting response.

A man named Salman Naseer stalked the star kid on the social networking site and confirmed with her if she was Sanjay Dutt’s daughter. Upon confirmation, Salman asked her out on a date and when she did not respond to his messages, he called her an “ugly b****”.

She took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it on Instagram writing, “I think @salmannaseer786 feels bad I didn’t respond to him and accept his “date” to take me out so he called me an ugly b****. SMH…. funny how I didn’t seem so ugly a few minutes before he started to feel some typa way 😂 I don’t understand you children, do you not know how to accept rejection? I KNOW this isn’t your first time being ignored boo. Gross. I would never even throw a dog bone at you bro.”

This has become an incident worth inspiring all the girls who go through the same. People have been posting positive comments on her post on Instagram.

Trishala, who is the daughter of Sanjay Dutt and his late wife Richa Dutt, live in New York with her maternal grandparents. She runs a hair extension business.

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Trishala Dutt slams stalker

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