When Sunny Leone's hot new song reminded us of Honey Singh!

Sunny Leone’s spicy new track ‘Paani Waala Song’ from the upcoming film KUCH KUCH LOCHA HAI has upped the hotness quotient! While Sunny Leone is in high spirits and taking the charge completely with her sexy acts, the peppy and sizzling song also reminds us of Honey Singh’s numbers. Well how? the uncanny, flamboyant style of Honey Singh’s songs gets well reflected here. Here’s listing down five such points that immediately strike a chord and makes us believe that it is a typical Yo Yo Honey Singh number.

Bikini Babes: Much like Honey Singh’s songs, this one is also stuffed with bikini and firang babes, thereby soaring the temperatures high!

Tune: The tune of ‘Paani Waala Song’ is very similar to Honey Singh’s popular track ‘Aaj Blue Hai Paani’ from the film YAARIYAN.

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