Whos planting stories about Abhishek Bachchan walking out of Hera Pheri 3

Stories of differences between director Neeraj Vora and leading man Abhishek Bachchan from the location of Hera Pheri 3 in Dubai filtered out last week. All rubbish, say sources close to Abhishek.

According to reports, Abhishek Bachchan and Neeraj altercated over the film’s script, or rather a lack of it. Says a source, “When he reached Dubai for shooting, Abhishek was appalled by the lack of script resources. He kept asking Neeraj for scenes and dialogues and would be given vague answers. After a point Abhishek who prides himself for being an organized actor just gave up, and shut down. He walked off the sets.”

When asked about this alleged showdown producer Firoz Nadiadwala had a hearty laugh. “Who is planting these outrageous stories? We are almost done with the shooting and we’re releasing on August 12. Abhishek is doing this franchise Hera Pheri after Dhoom. And in any case, he is a very disciplined actor. Why would he spoil it for himself?”

Firoz insinuates the conspiracy theory. “Some people are clearly not enjoying the fact that Hera Pheri has reached a third part. That we are shooting peacefully and smoothly. That, in fact the new actors in the franchise Abhishek and John get along like a house on fire from their Dostana days. In fact, the atmosphere on the sets is so good. Kissi ki nazar na lag jaye.”

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Whos planting stories about Abhishek Bachchan walking out of Hera Pheri 3

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