Why stars are keen on exploring the online route

© Provided by MiD-DAY Being smart with the choice of films and earning praise for their performance is not enough for some Bollywood stars. They want to create a unique identity that is not limited to the big screen and in doing so, widen their fan base as well as their horizon. With Internet being the hub of limitless opportunities and possibilities, most tinseltown celebs are coming up with online shows, invariably in the comedy genre.

© Provided by MiD-DAYRicha Chadda will feature in a fun video conceptualised by (below) stand-up comics Kanan Gill (left) and Biswa Kalyan Rath

Joining the bandwagon is Richa Chadda, who has joined hands with stand-up comics Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath, who are popular for The Pretentious Reviews show on YouTube. She has already shot for the show and the e-video will be released later this month. A source informs, “In the show, Richa will be giving acting tips and sharing a few inputs on ways to make it big in Bollywood. This will be a fun video and Richa will be seen doing something that she has never done before.”

Apparently, the show will help her break her image of a serious actor. “She has been part of concept-driven film with intelligent content. But this fun video will show her in a different light and expose her fun side. This is also one of the reasons why she chose to do it,” adds a source close to the actor.

But the actors also do check that the concept offered is interesting enough before signing it. Says Richa, “It’s always fun to laugh at oneself. I fell in love with the script that Kanan and Biswa wrote. It’s a great concept and I think the video will be funny.”

The revelations

Alia Bhatt had become a fodder of jokes when she failed to answer a question correctly on Karan Johar’s chat show. Social media users started trolling the young actress. On the whole, a perception was being built that Alia being a beauty without brains. However, she silenced her detractors by poking fun at herself in a video made by All India Bakchod (AIB) titled Genius Of The Year. She played a dumb youngster who signs up at a mental gym to improve her IQ. The video became a rage online and she garnered appreciation for her sporting gesture.

© Provided by MiD-DAYTired of being the butt of jokes and memes, Alia Bhatt came up with a video titled Genius Of The Year. She poked fun at herself and silenced all those who had laughed at her for her lack of general knowledge

Irrfan, who has been part of some intense and content-driven cinema like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ (2012) and ‘The Lunchbox’ (2013), also surprised his fans by being part of a fun e-video. The actor also collaborated with AIB for ‘Every Bollywood Party Song Ever’. In the video, Irrfan makes fun of himself by just bragging about his successful work. Later, he is grooving to a party song, which is a spoof of Bollywood film’s party songs. This video, too, garnered an overwhelming response.

© Provided by MiD-DAYIrrfan shocked his fans by doing a spoof of Bollywood party songs

Them too

Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh were also roped in by AIB for their show, AIB Knockout. The concept was that the duo would be made the butt of jokes fired by the AIB team of stand-up comics. No sooner did the video of the roast hosted online than it went viral. More than appreciation for the bold initiative, the comics earned the wrath of the moral brigade and the video was pulled down immediately.

© Provided by MiD-DAYRanveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor featured in the controversial AIB Knockout video, which was later pulled down from the e-sphere

A source close to Arjun, however, reveals that he agreed to be a part of it because it involved charity. “The fund collected through the show was used for a good cause. This interested Arjun and he became a part of the show,” the source adds.

The makers of online shows believe that the unconventional concepts are what draw Bollywood celebs to such projects. “However, we do not chase stars to make our shows popular. We just approach an actor who we think would be appropriate for a particular concept and if their presence will work for the concept,” says Kanan and adds, “Bollywood celebrities participation in online shows is not only helping online shows but also them.”

Interestingly, Sushant Singh Rajput has also taken to digital platforms to inspire people to take fitness seriously. His series of videos titled ‘Till I Get It Right’ focuses on workout plans unaided by machines. Through the videos, he wants to encourage people to take up strength training.

© Provided by MiD-DAYSushant Singh Rajput is part of a a video series promoting fitness

A source close to the actor informs, “A lot of youngsters today are hooked to the Internet and therefore, he used the platform to send across a motivating message.”

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