Yes I am doing the anti Awards Vapsi march – Anupam Kher

For the first time the outspoken Anupam Kher is quiet about his plans.

When I quiz him about eyebrow-raising plans to undertake a march to the Rashtrapati Bhavan on 7 November to protest against artistes who have returned their awards as a mark of protest, Anupam answers cautiously, “Yes, it is a fact. I am undertaking an anti-awards-vapsi march on the morning of November 7 to the Rashtra Bhavan. I’ve an appointment with the President Shri Pranab Mukherjee for 10 am on November 7. And that’s all I am willing to tell you right now.”

When I quiz him on how much support he has from within the film and theatre fraternity for this unusual protest against the protestors, Anupam shoots back, “There is support, of course, thought it may not be direct or open. The march on November 7 is not about numbers. It’s about conviction. Even if I’ve to march alone to the Rashtrapti Bhavan on November 7 I’ll do so.”

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Yes I am doing the anti Awards Vapsi march – Anupam Kher

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